I absolutely loved The Practice Project and I really appreciate how much variety you included. It’s definitely something I’ll use again and again...The Practice Project helped me to finally feel comfortable practicing on my own!
— Becky R.

What is The Practice Project?

The Practice Project is a 30 day email subscription available for purchase that is full of tools, meditations, homework and podcasts designed to help you grow, develop or refine your home yoga practice. The program is meant to empower those who would like to create a supportive physical and mental yoga practice at home. It's great for those who have never practiced yoga as well as those who would like to grow their current practice.

What is included within the practice project?

The Practice Project casts a wide net to share a variety of cool yoga-related encouragement, inspiration and support. In an effort to support different learning styles, The Practice Project will cover all 5 types of yoga in many different ways. Each day is different but you will find the following included:

  • 5 different guided meditations of varying lengths

  • 3 audio yoga practices

  • 3 full yoga practice videos (similar to the sample below!)

  • 4 mudra (hand position) meditations

  • Direct access to me and fellow practitioners within the private Facebook group

  • Print outs, blog posts, worksheets and more!

what if i miss a day during the 30 days?

Just keep going! The email content will remain accessible for you to use whenever it's convenient for you.

Having the opportunity to experience "missed days" is an intentional part of the process to acknowledge for yourself. I would encourage you to move through these 30 days with non-attachment by staying present and taking whatever comes without labeling any experience as "success" or "failure."

Create a folder within your email to save each day and revisit the ones you liked or missed.

When can I start?

Start The Practice Project as soon as 24 hours after you purchase your kit. You will receive a Welcome email as soon as you are officially added to the subscription and your Day 1 will begin the following day at 7:00am.

If you're ready to create new habits and an inspiring practice at home,

subscribe below to invest in your practice for the next 30 days!

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Loved the sweet yoga flow today. I was a bit worried because I’m still pretty new to this yoga stuff and wasn’t sure I would be able to follow an audio flow without the visual. But I did! No trouble at all. And my current attention span appreciated the 20 minute time frame. Thank you for that.
— Marie S.
I loved today’s Practice Project! I really needed it. I also found one ear needed much more attention than the other. This whole practice has made me more aware of what my body and mind needs on a daily basis.
— Sarah L.