9 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly
If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm a big advocate for self-care. (I even stop pretending that multitasking is an admirable skill or that self-care is selfish. We don't have to wrote a blog post on the concept of Yin v.s. Yang self-care. I was first introduced to the idea of my self-care tended to lean wildly in one direction or the other, but I wasn't balancing the active yin and yang self-care when I read the book, "Elemental Yin Yang Yoga, by Erin Aquin." I realized that self-care
Yin v.s. Yang Self Care
I was first introduced to the idea of yin and yang self-care when my friend, Shannon (Shannon Crow are probably what most of us think of when we hear the term "self-care:" passive, nurturing and other times create stagnation. When considering the type of self-care or activities that you self care self-care as well? We all have habits, tendencies and comfort-zones that are sometimes supportive and Yin v.s. Yang Self Care -abundance of activity and busy-ness? Neither yin nor yang self-care is wrong or better than the other self-care
Self-Care Checklist
who often spends time caring for or pleasing other people, self-care doesn't come naturally. If you I talk a lot about self-care because I've been burnt-out before. We all have gone through times of body or mind will shut things down with something major. When you think about self-care, what comes important than your kids, your spouse, your parents, or any other favorite loved ones. Self-care is a way of preserving ALL of your relationships, not just the one you have with yourself. Self-care means that Self-Care Checklist
Acupuncture FAQ
to share this service with you all because Peace Harvest is all about self-care and acupuncture is one of the most amazingly helpful and healing self-care practices. Acupuncture can help with a wide self-care
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create space on busy days
self-care. This is something I really never did before. I would squeeze in R&R whenever I could worst possible time' can attest to the fact that the most important time for rest and self-care is . Understanding how to manage my own energy, boundaries and self-care has revolutionized the way that
How to enjoy more time in nature
) Schedule it. Number 1 tip for any type of self-care is to schedule it. If it's not on your calendar as a
10 Weeks + 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly
practices and self-care that will allow you to function at your best and begin to notice the ways in
6 Self-Care Takeaways
mini-retreat was really intended to be an exploration in self-love and self-care. We had participants here and find something useful to practice. 6 Self-Care Takeaways: 1) To avoid burnout, create self care 6 Self-Care Takeaways
How Daily Activity Promotes a Positive Body Image
much. Exercise is a Form of Self-Care When you work out, you are showing yourself that you care about that you are committed to, you are putting self-care into your every day. That part of you that once self care
7 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly
What is Nutritional Balancing?
will require very different types of self-care, physical activity, food and minerals. How do you
How to create a Journal Jar
creating time for self-care, we often won't do it. If we have relationship challenges, the journal can
Why attend a yoga retreat?
the burnt-out, over-achievers who don't have time to rest. Make the choice for self-care while you still have a choice.
8 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly
self-care isn't a regular part of our lives, we often don't seek rest until our minds or bodies are
Balancing Effort & Ease
realization was a huge part of my journey and it's why I'm SO big on teaching and practicing self-care now
Embracing Chaos
self-care or half-assing a task. The need for perfection stems from a lifetime of family and tribal
6 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly
calling for. Schedule a new type of self-care that draws you out of your comfort zone or challenges
What are the benefits of essential oils?
oil or water. If you're looking to incorporate oils into your self-care, books are a great place to
Autumn Retreat
-care. Surrounded by nature, we will unplug together and reconnect to our purpose through yoga, silence stress or busy-ness, this weekend is your opportunity to uncover balance, rest and tools for self
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