The do's and don'ts of creating sadhana sankalpa



- Take your time brainstorming. Sometimes, it's easy to jump into a sadhana based on things we 'want.' But in order to keep our intentions pure and to draw from a deep spirit-led NEED, honor your sankalpa by giving it a little time to stew.

- Be prepared for your sankalpa to be challenged. Change often involves growing pains. Understand that everything you think you know or believe or have or want in relation to your sankalpa will be challenged. Be ready for the energy you're calling in and watchful for opportunities to explore it.

- Choose something daunting, but doable. For most 40 day sadhanas, your sankalpa should be a little scary. Other intentions are just focal points for daily practice, but sadhana sankalpa should be something you're NOT already doing.



-  Focus too much on a 'goal.'  When we make decisions from our heart, there is no attachment to the outcome. You might do an entire sadhana toward a physical asana, but with an understanding of non-attachment to any reward, praise or attention.