Private yoga coaching is my jam. I have a wide variety of tools to share with you to help you create balance. Sessions usually include movement, but are open to include energy balancing techniques, worksheets, guided meditations, conversation, bodywork and more.

It's important to me that the process remains fluid so that we can tap into what’s most useful for you.

what's a private yoga lesson like?

Each private yoga session looks very different for everyone. Your specific goals and needs are always at the forefront of the practice, as well as traditional yoga teachings and postures or techniques that will support your body and personality. Private yoga differs from group practice in many ways, but the dialogue and feedback is what many students enjoy and find helpful.

I usually begin each practice by catching up, checking in with your body, emotions and energy level, so that we can create the most useful experience for you. From there, I'm able to suggest movement, themes, meditations, minute adjustments or modifications that support the feelings moving through you in the moment.

I spend a lot of time studying body language, watching the way your breath moves and noticing patterns within your body and energy. We use this information to enhance your practice. We might focus a lot on grasping the basics, such as strong breathing technique, general alignment stacking and learning how to balance effort and ease within the postures. Sometimes, as needed, we might study yoga philosophy and how it relates to your life or work through a specific issue that you're having that day. There's a lot of cross-over between life-coaching and private yoga sessions.

Private yoga coaching benefits:

  • Learn tailored techniques specifically for you to manage stress, care for your body and mind, and incorporate more pauses of awareness into your daily life.

  • Receive custom instruction and themes that evolve with your current mood, energy level and needs.

  • Achieve physical + emotional goals with tools, homework and specific practice ideas to help you stay centered.

  • Create a practice routine that fits your schedule and/or learn how to develop your own home practice.

  • Enjoy email and text support between lessons to stay accountable.

  • In-person sessions may include custom music, essential oils, and energy work.

  • Flexible scheduling with online or in-person options available.

Private coaching Pricing:

With a few exceptions, I share sessions in packs of five.  Over the years, I have found five to be the ‘magic number’ between myself and my students that creates a level of commitment on both sides and gives you the opportunity to begin to experience valuable changes.

Pricing may vary slightly based on your preferred location. (Bartering and payment options may be available upon request)

5 Pack Private Yoga Session Pricing

How do I schedule?

Click here to fill out the new client form. This form is a great way for me to get to know you a little bit, help you to articulate what you really need and see if we're a good fit. When you're finished, I will receive an email with your information and contact you shortly!

What other students are saying:

It would not be dramatic to describe it simply as Life-Changing. Not only did it kick start my “real” yoga journey with an introduction to the philosophy and true meaning behind the practice, it provided me with a special and meaningful time that I will always have to reflect on and relate back to, and so much more.
— Jenna R.
Online yoga sessions have been such a relief for me. I struggle with lots of anxiety, so group classes or traveling to a studio just aren’t options for me right now.

Rosslyn has helped me to become so much more in tune with my mind and body. It’s been really helpful for me in so many ways, so I can’t wait to see where the next few months take me!
— Cassie M.
Wholehearter was my first experience with yoga. I was nervous in the beginning, but right away, I felt at home practicing with Rosslyn. Yoga has changed my life and I owe that to my teacher and friend, Rosslyn. She’s challenging but supportive, each class is like a whole new experience, and throughout class you can just feel how much she loves doing what she does. I’m now participating in a yoga teacher training, and I’m sure that it is because of Wholehearter that I’m walking this beautiful path!
— Lianna A.
I’ve grown so much as a person! My physical awareness is better, my emotional state has improved and I feel better about myself with less anxiety and depression.
— Lauren T.
I no longer have migraines or hot flashes and I don’t need to take medication for my anxiety anymore. I worry less and I don’t sweat the small stuff...Private lessons have changed my life!
— Tracey C.
Do it! No matter what your challenges are, Rosslyn will deliver a personalized session and make you feel special.
— Melissa L.