Yoga for Bookworms

Do you ever feel torn between practicing yoga or reading a great book? Great news! You don't have to choose between yoga asana and books! Enjoy the best of both worlds with some of these postures.

cow faced pose

1.) Stacked Log

Gently stack one leg on top of the other for this lovely hip-opener. Prop your back up against a wall for extra support to hold your book at eye-level.

pigeon pose

2.) Pigeon Pose

Gently tuck one leg under your body with the opposite leg extended. Lay your book between the arms and be sure to keep your neck gently lengthened.

supported pigeon

3.) Pigeon on the wall

For lightweight books, flip your pigeon up against the wall or a couch for some added chill. Draw the base of your skull away from the neck, or add a small pillow for support.

Frog pose

4.) Frog Pose

Stretch the hips and thighs open wide and prop yourself on your arms. Feel free to add support under the hips or torso if you plan on staying here for a while.

child's pose

5.) Child's Pose

Let your hips sink toward your heels and take your knees wide in balasana. Try bending your elbows to support your head in the hands.

supine twist

6.) Supine Twist

This is another one that's ideal for a paperback. Lie down and roll the knees to one side. Feel free to add support under or between the knees and visit both sides.

supported bridge pose

7.) Supported Bridge

Add a block or bolster under the back of the pelvis for this therapeutic inversion. Keep wrists over elbows to support any sized book.

Low lunge

8.) Low Lunge

Relax into a comfortable lunge, using your arms for support. Keep your book slightly in front of your shoulders so that the neck can stay long.

seated wide leg fold

9.) Seated Side Leg Fold

Stretch the legs out wide and hinge forward from the hips to your capacity. Use the arms, blocks or elbows for support and place your book on the floor or elevate it.

legs up the wall

10.) Legs up the Wall

Prop your legs up the wall or on a couch or bench. Allow gravity to do all the work to reap the benefits of this posture!

Try and enjoy some of these postures or come up with your own! If all else fails, there's always audiobooks. :)