Sunny Side Up Yoga - Week 2: WORDS

sunny side up yoga

Sunny Side Up Yoga is a 4 week virtual mini series, focusing on how to bring optimism into your life and practice. Join me on your phone or computer on Facebook Live for 4 Tuesdays in a row (January 24th - February 14th). I'll be recording a free live yoga practice from 8:30am - 9:00am and posting a corresponding blog post here. If you miss the live showing, the replay is available to you anytime!

These 4 practices will be geared toward developing an attitude of optimism throughout your day. Best practiced in the morning, if possible, we will work together to shift our attitudes, our reactions, refine our thoughts and become more aware of internal dialogue. Through gentle movement, breathing and meditation, I want to share the experience of starting your day off with the right mindset. (No yoga mat or experience needed.)

I hope you'll join me live, where you can interact directly and ask questions. Mark your calendars and join me here on the 24th!

Week 2: WORDS

Last week, we talked about how optimism must start with the way we're thinking. Once we have a handle on the types of thoughts that are within us, it's only natural that the next step is how those thoughts move out of us and into the world: through our words and speech.

If you've managed to think affirmative thoughts, you can begin to try speaking in the affirmative. This subtle shift in energy and intention is so powerful and not always easy. It might be a little awkward or abstract at first, but the idea is that we remove 'low vibration' or negative words from our vocabulary whenever possible. We still think and speak truthfully, articulating clearly, but we move towards words that are supportive and energetically healing.

Here's a few examples: Rather than saying, "Wow, that really sucks that you got sick over the holidays," You might say, "I hope you had time to rest over the holidays. I'm glad you're feeling better now." Or rather than saying, "I hate my job," you might re-frame to, "I am so thankful to have a job" or "I am looking for new ways to feel fulfilled." Instead of, "I don't want to be fearful," you would say, "I want to be brave."

Try it for a day and see what you come up with. Speaking in the affirmative can be challenging, but it's useful. If and when you create any affirmations or mantras for yourself, it's imperative that they're all written in affirmative language. Otherwise, your intention will eventually become slightly negative and unclear.

Another way that we impact our optimism and attitude via speech is by practicing SATYA or truth-speaking. Satya is one of the yamas or self-restraints that yoga teaches (read more on the yamas here). Satya translates to honest speech in all ways to keep our energy clear. Rather than worrying about offending, people-pleasing, gossip or half-truths, satya teaches us to express ourselves clearly and honestly, always.

As promised, let's dive a little deeper into autosuggestion. To create a useful affirmation, we have to consider the energy behind our words. Start by brainstorming the types of things you really want and need in your life. Once you write out a few ideas, remember to rewrite or reframe in the affirmative. I also recommend writing affirmations in the present-tense. So rather than meditating and repeating something that you "will do," you remove the option of not succeeding and write the affirmation as if you already have it. Remember, we're tricking our subconscious here, so by writing as if you already have it, there's no room for subconscious cop-out.

Examples: Instead of, "I want to develop more confidence and openness in my relationships," you could write/say, "I have confidence and openness in my relationships." Rather than, "I will eat healthier," you could say, "I make wise, healthy choices in what I consume."

Autosuggestion happens when we create a powerful affirmation and truly dedicate the time to dive into it, study it, read it, memorize it and repeat it with emotion. Every day. Multiple times per day. Once you have your affirmation, (mine is usually 1-3 sentences) write it out over and over again. Put it e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Sticky notes all over your house. Picture of it on your phone. Use the words as a book mark. Write it on your mirror. Do you want this change or not?

Next week, we'll talk about action. How does optimism translate into what you do and how you move your body?  I hope you'll join me live, where you can interact directly and ask questions. Mark your calendars and join me here on Tuesday the 7th at 8:30am!