Summer Solstice Celebration

If you missed the Summer Solstice Bash this weekend at Oak Hollow Park, you're not too late to celebrate with us! The solstice is actually happening this coming Monday, so feel free to share in the experience and practice along with us.

We learned a bit about the solstice history, and how it's energetically a time of renewal and change. One of my favorite facts is that Vikings used to celebrate the solstice by settling disputes. Maybe we should bring that back!

After the history, we headed into the woods to collect natural material for our nature mandalas. We chose mindfully, whatever we were drawn to and collected just what we needed from Mother Nature. Everyone found unique and personalized pieces.

Back up to the field, we found a lovely patch of shade to enjoy a yin yoga practice. The solstice is a great time to practice yin yoga, as it is cooling, calming and balancing for the yang energy of summer. We focused on creating an intention behind the practice, asking ourselves: what actions, speech and thoughts would lead us toward steady and undisturbed calmness in the coming months?

Mary Oliver was a big part of our yoga practice, with her poem, The Summer Day. After mindfully creating the nature mandalas right on our mats, everyone developed a self-addressed envelope to write their summer solstice intention. (If you have a friend to practice with, you can mail them to each other in the fall!)

We released the mandala material back to nature (in super slow motion) and ended our special day together. I'm looking forward to mailing back the summer intentions in the fall!