Self-Care Checklist

I talk a lot about self-care because I've been burnt-out before. We all have gone through times of major stress (or perceived major stress), busy-ness and total self-neglect. Looking back, is it ever worth it?

When we neglect ourselves, what inevitably happens is shoddy work, short temper, illness, strained relationships, accidents or other various ways in which our body tries to get attention. Everyone has a breaking point and if you leave yourself unattended for long enough, eventually, your body or mind will shut things down with something major.

When you think about self-care, what comes up for you? Does it feel like a hassle or a waste of time? Is it a 'treat-yo-self' or pampering perspective? Or is it a necessary, well-deserved way to preserve health and wellness? If you're someone who often spends time caring for or pleasing other people, self-care doesn't come naturally. If you spend most of your time "doing it all" or priding yourself on independence, learning how to care for yourself is all the more important to prevent the inevitable crash.

Caring for others is lovely and necessary, but so is setting boundaries and caring for yourself. Nurturingyourself is more important than your kids, your spouse, your parents, or any other favorite loved ones. Self-care is a way of preserving ALL of your relationships, not just the one you have with yourself. Self-care means that you're willing to take the time to set an example to your children, set boundaries for healthy interactions and create time for your mental, physical and emotional care so that you STAY WELL.

I've created a simple and sweet little checklist to help keep you on track with your self-care. Print it out, hang it on your fridge, add to it and see how it feels!

What else might you add to this list? Counseling? Scheduling a facial or acupuncture appointment? Maybe private yoga instruction or life coaching? Find what fuels your soul. Pursue it wholeheartedly.

Click to download and print!

Click to download and print!

P.S. For a more detailed self-care checklist that corresponds to all 7 energy centers in the body, or chakras, check out The Practice Project, home yoga self-practice kit!