Wholehearter Podcasts are Live!

Wholehearter Podcasts have officially launched this morning! For those of you who have been following along with the progress, I've been working on developing these podcasts for quite some time. It's been a really interesting process in harnessing creativity and pushing my own boundaries.

I first avoided creating audio because I really wanted it to sound professional (i.e. perfect). I listen to a lot of awesome podcasts that include custom music, fancy introductions and phone interviews...it's awesome. But I just wasn't ready to dedicate the time to researching, purchasing and learning how to use special audio equipment just yet. I then decided that I didn't have time to even create the audio, and lastly, I pretended like I had nothing of value to say.

It became a huge and valuable learning process for me in the art of procrastination.

Eventually, I decided to just start where I was! I downloaded a simple audio recording app on my phone and set to work. Once I began, I realized that I had SO much pent up creativity around this process that had been stuck within me. I also started reading an inspiring book called, "The Creative Habit," by Twyla Tharp and these words really jumped out at me:

“Too much planning implies you've got it all under control. That's boring, unrealistic, and dangerous.” ― Twyla Tharp

Too much planning actually squelches creativity and the intuition that drives it! Too much planning can become the focus in and of itself, and we never end up actually creating. In all walks of life, whether you consider yourself to be creative or not, we all have ideas and creativity that NEEDS to flow through us. However it comes out is up to you, but if it does not, that energy festers and will make you feel heavy, depressed and stuck. So I encourage you to paint that picture, even if it's awful. Write your song, design that letterhead, cook, organize, sing, dance and express whatever is in you NOW. The world needs it just as much as you do.

I'm really excited to share what I've created. You'll find audio recordings of some of your favorite blog posts, guided meditations, simple and sweet yoga sequences as well as Q&A opportunities. I hope you enjoy them! And if you have any burning questions about yoga, philosophy, health, asana or energy, please take a moment to let me know below! You're welcome to submit anonymously, but I'd love to address some common questions about yoga.

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