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Why attend a yoga retreat?

Nowadays, yoga retreats are truly a dime a dozen. In every beautiful corner of the world, for every stage of life and every style of movement, yoga retreats are as diverse as we are. If there's anywhere in the world you want to travel, you can almost surely find a yoga retreat there. Yet retreats themselves are certainly not a new fad. Many cultures and spiritual traditions have valued seasonal retreats for hundreds of years as a way to cultivate a deeper sense of devotion.

What is it about taking a full day (or multiple days) toward a specific focus that can be so transformational?

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5 Types of Yoga

In the West, it's often common to assume that "yoga" just means stretching and maybe some meditation. If you've never heard of all 5 branches of yoga, you might be missing an important piece of the puzzle for yourself and your practice. Because everyone learns differently, there are many different ways to reach the same type of mindfulness and soul-fueling practice. Read below to see what type of yoga might support you the most.

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