5 Tips to Develop Your Home Yoga Practice

Sometimes, practicing yoga at home can feel overwhelming or confusing. Many times, you might not be sure where to start or you end up over-thinking the idea of sequencing and creating a well-rounded practice.

The fact is: your practice doesn't need to be perfect or well-rounded or mapped out, it just wants to exist!

Here are some simple tips to get started:
1.)  Just do it. My number one tip for starting a home practice is to just START. There is no magic 'one-size fits all' formula for the type of practice you develop, but exploration is the only way to discovery. Learning how to TRUST your intuition and the process will empower your practice.

2.) Work your way up the body. If you are practicing physical asana (yoga postures) a helpful tip is to start at the bottom and work up. So just move the ankles and then ground the feet, feel for stretching different parts of both legs, roll the hips, open the chest, then move up to the neck, shoulders, face...etc. In this way, you might think about or discover new ways to move each part of the body.

3.) Move the spine in all directions. Think about the ways in which the spine can move: rotation, forward folding, backbending, side bending, traction (lengthening upward) and compression (smushing down). Try to include some version of each within your physical practice.

4.) Think about your general tendencies. Do you gravitate toward a more gentle or vigorous practice? Do you prefer certain postures over others? Understanding the 5 kleshas (afflictions that cause suffering) can help you to navigate your overall practice WANTS vs. practice NEEDS.

5.) Try to incorporate each one of the 5 Types of Yoga. Yoga doesn't just mean physical postures or stretching. There are SO many ways to practice yoga and support your home practice outside of a physical yoga class. Expand your horizons and understanding of "practicing yoga!"

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