the bee breath - pranayama

If you're new to pranayama (breath practice), the Bee Breath, or Bhramari, might seem a little strange at first; but once you understand the science behind it and why it's practiced, you will come to appreciate it's many benefits. 

Performing this breathing exercise helps to induce a calming effect on the mind almost immediately. As with any intentional breathing practice, "Lengthening exhalation relative to inhalation reduces the 'fight or flight' impulse and maintains a healthy level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which helps you relax." - Source  Our restorative parasympathetic nervous system takes over, as it does in meditation or sleep.

the bee breath - pranayama : wholehearter
What sets the bee breath apart from other breathing techniques is obviously the soothing noise. As we gently close our ears and hum on each exhale, everything else around us is easily drowned out. The noise of our own voice is relaxing, calming background noise, quieting our busy minds and gently stimulating the brain.

The bee breath is especially beneficial for pregnant yoginis. Not only is it invigorating and relaxing, but many women report that they can feel the sound vibrations stimulating their baby. Further, if Bhramari practiced regularly during pregnancy, it helps to keep the endocrinal system regulated, facilitating an easy and trouble-free childbirth. - Source
I love to introduce this technique to my prenatal students and always encourage them to practice this and/or meditation at least once a day. Give it a try!