3 steps toward a more mindful handstand

If you're working toward handstand, you might be used to practicing up against a wall, facing away from the wall and kicking-up. Though this method provides a bit more (false) security, I find the "kick-up" technique to be a little bit unrestrained. When we kick straight up to the wall, cruising past the point of balance (often slamming ankles into the wall), we then have to slowly reach away from the wall, finding our way back to that point of balance, rather than slowly working our way there.

If you're having luck facing away from the wall and kicking-up, more power to you! But if you're not having much luck, try facing away from the wall.

After a long, thorough warm-up, focusing on the hips, wrists, shoulders and back, place your hands about 2-3' away from your wall. Begin by reaching one foot up and back, resting it on the wall, finding leverage. Sort of like a short, 3 Legged Dog.
Step 1

From there, work your other foot slowly up the wall, being sure that you're distributing your weight directly over the wrists, stacking the shoulders. Feel free to play around here, finding balance with one foot away from the wall.

Step 2
 Lastly, when you find a stable position, slowly bring up one foot and then the other, pausing to balance. Be sure you're not holding your breath here! 

If you feel unstable or are ready to come out, just slowly bend one leg back to the wall and carefully walk back down.
Step 3
I personally find this to be a more mindful, careful way of learning handstand, but as always, use caution and a spotter. Namaste!