guided meditation - warm valley

This is a guided meditation used at our last meditation workshop at Wholehearter Yoga. It details a small journey deep into a valley of relaxation. Please feel free to read it slowly for yourself, pausing at each break, record it or read it to others to enjoy. Namaste!

Before you begin, get comfortable. You may choose a more relaxed posture leaning against a wall or using pillows, blankets...etc. Find a position that feels natural.

guided meditation - warm valley : wholehearter
Warm Valley Guided Meditation

Begin by relaxing deeply.
Feel all the muscles in your body melting...from top to bottom....becoming heavy and warm.
Keeping your eyes softly closed, begin to awaken your inner eyes.

You are standing at the top of a large hill....under a tall, green canopy of trees.
You're looking down into a beautiful, lush valley.

The valley is quiet and tranquil.
Late afternoon sun shines warmly on your face, relaxing your entire body.

You begin to descend slowly down the hill, taking in your surroundings.
Thick, green foliage surrounds you and protects you.
You hear the sound of slowly moving water....birds are singing and insects thrum in the trees.
You feel a gentle, warm breeze on your face.
You feel thick, soft moss, cushioning your feet.

As you make your way further down the hill, you continue to feel calm and relaxed.

You smell fragrant, fresh plants....warm earth...and the crisp scent of the water below.

You sink deeper into the valley moving into an even deeper state of relaxation.

As you come to the fresh stream at the bottom of the valley, you feel completely safe...completely relaxed.

The water is crystal clear...and warm.

You sit down at the edge of the stream, dipping your feet into the warm water.

You sip in a deep breath of fresh air...relaxing here.

The sun moves across the sky above you.

After some time has passed, you are ready to return to the top of your hill.
Removing your toes from the water, you dry them on the warm moss of the forest floor.

Slowly padding back up the hill, you again take in your surroundings once more.
The sun has begun to set....the air is crisp with evening.

You hear crickets quietly chirping...the birds are singing their nighttime melodies.

You feel healthy, calm and content.

As you near the top of the hill, the sky has turned to vibrant shades of reds..deep pinks and orange.

You breathe in the fresh air here as you return to your original spot.

Looking out over the beautiful valley once more, you take a long, slow inhale through the nose...and sigh out the air through your mouth.

Taking some time for your body to awaken.

When you are ready to open your eyes, gently place your fingers over them for a moment.
Then, slowly open the fingers as you gently open the eyes.

Welcome back and namaste. :)