yoga studio 2013 revamp

For a while now, I've been brewing up and boiling over with ideas to freshen up Wholehearter Yoga studio. I haven't had a chance to complete my entire vision because I've been so busy/blessed with teaching! I wanted my studio to all feel more cohesive and planned, like it looked in my head. I just realized how much time I will have off for the holidays with no students and no real plans, so I've already torn the whole place apart and it lies in shambles waiting for more concrete plans. Here is what the studio looked like just a few days ago, before I got my hands on it:
yoga studio revamp : wholehearter
The Before!
yoga studio revamp : wholehearter

Here's a little sneak peek at one addition:
I wanted to create something typographical that could be used as art as well as a drishti (or focal point). I chose to use words that one might find themselves focusing on during a yoga practice...things that we might all need. I love how it turned out and I hope my students find something meaningful when they need it!

I'm not tearing down any walls or anything (sigh), but everything you see in these photos is now old news. I don't know if my ambitious plans will all come to fruition, but I can at least assure you: it won't be looking quite like this in 2013!

Stay tuned...and namaste! :D

2013 update:
It's done! :) You can check out the photos here.

I had a lot of fun creating the studio artwork. I wanted the makeover to make the whole place look clean and bright, so I added a lot of white accents. I wanted the decor to be simple in color and content, but provide areas of focus.
 I love to bring in elements of nature when I can, but with a neutral color palette, I chose a simple silhouette of a tree and a great, powerful quote.

The third main piece I did was also meant to be a gentle and beautiful reminder. The chaotic swirls vs. negative space offered some great symbolism of daily life vs. yoga time!

Namaste! :)