yoga gift guide 2012

Whether you're a practicing yogi, a clueless friend or a devoted practitioner, the following 15 favorites offer a wide-variety of price range, style and function. Hopefully this list gives you some inspiration for the upcoming holiday season!

1.) JuJu's Aromatherapy Eye Pillows - $4.00
Quite possibly the most wonderful $4 gift ever, these eye pillows are hand-made and positively decadent. Choose from a huge variety of luxurious fabrics and relaxing scents and maybe even get one for yourself!

2.) Peace Sign Sterling Earrings - $5.95
Make a statement with a simple accessory and fight hunger with every purchase.
3.) ToeSox - $15
Sure they might look like a ratty old pair of toe-less socks, but any yogi will appreciate the amazing five-toe design that promotes toe strength and flexibility. They're also equipped with non-slip grips on the bottom, so you can practice yoga safely on or off the mat. AND they're only $15!

4.) Yoga Journal Subscription - $15
Be sure to check and make sure that your yogi-loved-one doesn't already subscribe, but if not, Yoga Journal is an amazingly affordable gift that keeps on giving the whole year through!

5.) Ripple Effect Fair Trade Scarf - $18
Beautiful color options for every yogi on your list, this silk and cotton blend scarf is sure to keep even the most stylish yogis looking cool and staying warm.

6.) Yoga Tote - $18
Strictly for yogis with a sense of humor, this tote and other accessories bearing the same verbiage have become very popular in the yoga community.

7.) Chocoveda Chocolates - $30
Starting at $30, this all-natural, dairy free specialty dark chocolate is just plain cool. Seven flavors correlate to each of the seven chakras! Flavors include chai, tangerine, ginger/lemongrass, green tea, peppermint, pomegranate, and honey/vanilla. Enough said.

8.) prAna Wonderblock - $30
prAna makes this amazing loaf-of-bread + yoga-block hybrid that would be extremely useful for various asanas. Reuse an old bread bag as wrapping paper for a hilarious and thoughtful gift! ;)

9.) Namaste Leather Bracelet - $38
I love Etsy and this shop is full of awesome "word" bracelets.

Pretty much an essential for any serious yogi, these yoga cookie cutters are sure to automatically create the healthiest baked goods on the block...right?

Seriously, what better gift for a new or practicing yogi than yoga? Many studios and private instructors offer gift cards for any amount, but a nice class pass will normally start around $50. Call your local studio to find out and be the hero for your yoga-loving-loved ones!

Handmade in the U.S. and starting at $60, these Zafu pillows are amazingly comfortable for extended meditation practice. Great motivation for those beginning a meditation practice or a welcome treat for those accustomed to sitting on the floor for hours at a time.

The versatile rectangular bolster is an extremely useful yoga prop for yogis of every level. Lightweight and firm, it weighs significantly less than standard bolsters and retains its shape and firmness for years of practice.

Jade makes the undisputed best yoga mats, hands (and feet) down. $70 might seem steep when you can purchase mats for $10, but for someone who practices yoga often, it's nice to have a well-made yoga mat that will last and not leave tiny rubber chunks all over your body or the studio you practice in. Jade is also committed to being Eco-friendly and they give back to environmental causes with each purchase.

If all else fails, you can't go wrong with some sort of Lululemon apparel or gift card. If you haven't heard, Lulu is the creme-de-la-creme of yoga apparel. I'm told that what they lack in affordability, they make up for with vanity...I mean quality. Until I receive said gift card or find $80 in between my couch cushions to drop on a pair of tights, I think my Target apparel is working out just fine.

Namaste, people!