mini yoga road trip

Since my sister has moved back home (where she belongs) from Philadelphia, my husband and I were feeling much overdue for a nice autumnal road-trip. Conveniently, we were invited to visit some awesome relatives and their amazing city, Annapolis, Maryland.

Though I might not be much of a world-traveler, I would venture to say that Annapolis will always be one of my favorite cities. It's history, water and cozy small-town feel make it an ideal area to visit and explore. And in the spirit of exploration, I'm always on the look-out to try a new yoga studio, especially one with a view like this!
View from the back of the studio - 411 Ferry Point Drive
Beautiful Annapolis sunset over the South River - Credit Annapolis Yoga Facebook Page
Annapolis Yoga Facebook page is always posting waterfront photos like this that make me swoon. Through their page, I came across a private studio that is run in a similar fashion to my own. With "12 students maximum to allow for personal attention," this home run studio at 411 Ferry Point Road boasted sweeping views of the South River. 

Here is the current schedule:
9:30AM Yoga on the South River with Lara Bontempo (This was the class I attended, subbed by Barry Brooks)

9:30AM Weekly Yoga Miniretreat with Barry Brooks
6:00PM Sunset Yoga with Aimee Seal

6:30PM Sunset Yoga with Lara Bontempo

Ferry Point Drive private yoga studio - tucked amongst trees in a cul-de-sac

I probably only recently missed the cut-off point to enjoy an outdoor class, but the indoor atmosphere certainly wasn't lacking! Just look at it!
mini yoga road trip : wholehearter
View of the indoor studio, facing out to the South River
Instructor: Barry Brooks guided a beautiful class. Barry is in the process of receiving his 200 hour RYT, but you would never know it if judging by his knowledge and comfortable guidance. I always love a class that provides physical adjustment, so it was nice to receive some personal attention and soothing adjustments for my asanas.

Class: This 75 minute vinyasa class was very gentle and calming. We warmed up slowly and mindfully before moving into a relaxing flow. I enjoyed a few interesting variations on the usual Sun Salutations as well as some new foot massage techniques. Barry used Indu Lotion for savasana that put me into a total blissful stupor. I might have to get some for my little studio! :) It's always great to feel inspired or learn something new.

Atmosphere: If you've read much of this blog, you'll know that I'm a total sucker for old houses and I wasn't prepared for this delightful bungalow. Nestled at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, this charming old cottage had character to spare. With original hardwood floors, antiques and a spiral staircase leading to a loft, the interior designer in me swooned. 
Awesome spiral staircase heading up to a small loft

Great Room/Studio looking toward the kitchen area...check out the awesome old piano!
The Great Room where class was held opened up to nothing but the sky and the water. The location was amazing and really allowed me to connect with nature.
View from inside, looking down the hill to the

View from the kitchen area looking out to the dock.

If you get a chance, take a weekend trip to Annapolis before December and take a waterfront class. (It's only about 4 hours from Pittsburgh, so it's a nice weekend getaway.)

What an amazing and welcoming class for my first Annapolis yoga experience. I only wish we had more time to linger in the area and enjoy more studios. Please let me know if you run across any charming studios in your travels...I always welcome guest-posts! Namaste!