creativity grows where monotony sits...

As a fellow-blogger, fashionista, graphic designer and blossoming yogi, who better to write Wholehearter's first guest post than my inspiring friend, Lianna? She has some wonderful thoughts on shifting your focus and finding creativity in the most unlikely places. As an inspiration for your art, craft or daily life, enjoy her post!

It's that time again.  It snuck up on you, didn't it?  Just like a hungry zombie…doesn't it always? Time to clean the house, time to wash the clothes, time to mow grass, time to organize the garage (hopefully not all at once, though).  Oh, how we dread these moments…a perfectly good day that we have to watch swirl slowly and begrudgingly down the drain…harumph! >:-(  But wait, these normally arduous tasks can be used to your advantage.  You may not fully realize it, but these monotonous moments can be and lead to some of the most creative aspects of your day! 

Think about it.  Inspiration for whatever creative project you're working on doesn't flow directly to your mind when you sit down to create it (and if you're not working on a creative project, keep reading, this post might just help you find that creative project longing for your attention).  Inspiration is the key to any creative force.  And if you, like me, are a creator on a daily basis, finding inspiration doesn't always come easy.  So I give you this mission, should you choose to accept it.  While you're working hard dusting your wall art, separating your brights, pulling weeds on a bright, hot sunny day, or going through that old box of books, grab your inspiration while it's practically slapping you in the face! 

Look at that wall art you're dusting…you see it everyday, but do you actually take the time to look at it?  See that tiny couple walking at a mountain's pace around that 18th century village square…what a story they could tell!  What about those brights you're separating…those plum pants and that red striped tee make the perfect color combination for the ice cream shop logo you're working on!  You're drenched in sweat as you sit in the boiling sun pulling dirt and grass from the ground.  But listen, do you hear that bee buzzing in your ear, the birds chirping in an almost harmony, that faint bass beat of a passing car with it's stereo blaring, and your neighbor's radio (or I guess iPod, nowadays) slowly churning out that oldies tune you haven't heard in years, as they wash their car.  Listen close, this tune's kinda catchy!  Oh the garage, what a feat…and oh what forgotten treasures are hidden here, too!   While looking through the box of old books from your grandma, you come across a vintage cook book that has become new again with age…it's so funny how that works.  That recipe for almond flavored icing might just be the perfect touch to your "Fluff and Stuff" vanilla cake!

And while this practice can be effective for a lot of your chores, there are certain chores where direct inspiration might not come to you…for instance, while cleaning the toilet… and that's probably for the best.   So when you might not be able to draw this direct inspiration, let your imagination run wild!  Of course, be sure to pay attention to what your doing, but feel free to let your mind wander into distant lands, for creativity has no bounds!  This is a little different than chores, but every morning, during my usual "getting ready" routine, my mind is always buzzing with wording for wedding invitations and all the possibilities for the vintage-inspired aspect of my invitation designs! 

So keep in mind, when you have those dreaded chores to lumber through, this time your spending might not be such a waste because creativity can grow where monotony sits!  

Wonderful food-for-thought where you least expect any productive thoughts. Keep this positive attitude in mind for your next monotonous task! If you want some more of Lianna's inspiration, please be sure to check out her adorable Etsy page here, full of custom vintage cards and invitations. Thanks, Lianna! :)