where do you yoga?

I'm in the process of expanding my yoga clientele a bit. I love teaching small groups, but I've found that private lessons can be just as rewarding. If you've never tried yoga before, jumping into a group class can be intimidating. I like that private lessons offer a much more casual atmosphere, open to questions and dialogue during the class. Once these private lessons progress to achieving a more comfortable and meditative state, students are much more mentally and physically prepared to move on to group classes.

I recently sent out a survey to get some feedback from past and present students. You can view the questions I asked here.  I was happy to find that (according to them) the classes are relatively perfect. For many of them, this is also their first yoga experience, but that doesn't matter, right? ;)

According to the survey, the only thing I've found my current classes might be lacking is space. In our neck-of-the-woods, yogiis are used to having unlimited space to fling their arms around, kick their legs wide or end up in a diagonal savasana with limbs dangling all off the mat if they so choose. Head to a class in the city and you soon find a much more intimate setting. Depending on the studio, mats are often touching and students are forced to modify certain poses to assure that no one gets kicked in the face. You'll get to know everyone around you in a special way and you might even end up with some of your neighbor's sweat on your precious mat.

I hope that my yoga studio finds a happy medium between the two.

My home studio. Empty and awaiting students!
My other home studio. Just for me.

Want to know a little secret? I rarely practice in this room by myself. Another secret? 
I often end up practicing in the bathroom. That's right. I have no shame. I like the idea of yoga practice being spontaneous and it's better to do a little each day than to do a lot once or twice a week. With how much I work, teach and commute throughout the week, I don't always have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to my own personal practice. So I do it when I can and I don't make it into a big production. It feels good in the morning, so it often ends up in here as I prepare for my day.

Nothing wrong with any yoga location if it feels right! :) Namaste, people.

Studio renovations June 2012: