pretty peacock invite

Designing invitations isn't something I choose to do very often, but when a friend asked me to create a bridal shower invite with a peacock theme, how could I say no!? Especially since there were essentially no restrictions, I knew it would be a fun little project.

Peacock sketch - pen/paper
Unlike other invites, I knew what I wanted to do right away. I sketched up a peacocks, scanned it in and got to work coloring it in Photoshop. I used a brush with a rough edge for a sketchy look and did each color on a separate layer to play with. My peacock-loving client knew that she wanted to go with a fun, yet sophisticated look with lots of blues, greens and some feather-flair, so this is what we ended up with:

It turned out to be the perfect opportunity for some bright colors, a peacock sketch and a very bridal-shower-esque font I've been dying to use, Sudestada. The body text font is Cochin, one of my favorite go-to serif fonts.

Now here's hoping it suited the bride-to-be! :)