laundry love [sort of]

No, I do not love doing laundry, but I have very strong feelings toward this laundry room. Yes, it's just a laundry room, but it's a real laundry room, not a spider-infested 6' tall Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style cave with a festering stream flowing through it. Here, I can wash clothes without fearing for my life and I can even drop things on the floor without having to rewash them. (Clearly, this was a huge selling-point for me)

I also should be ashamed to say that I still consider it one of the best "before and after" transformations so far. I might be a terrible person for taking an awful photo from the previous owner's "moving-out-madness" and making it black and white. It just makes me feel like I did a really great job by not having crap everywhere. Meanwhile, all I really did was paint, put my stuff in, and add a cool vintage light fixture. (Yes, it's from Restore).
The happy-yellow laundry room "after" with $8 light globe from Restore.
The sad, salmon-colored laundry room "way before"

Fun fact: Before moving in, I was desperate to get a few things done, but we didn't have electricity. Knowing that we would need to use this room right away, painting was frantically finished via cell-phone light the night before moving day! Ahh, memories.

As for the globe light, love it or hate it, I think it adds character. (Especially since before, it was just a bulb in a socket.) We thought it was odd that much of our house had naked bulbs, but now we know why. The old fixtures are attached to the gas lines running through the ceilings that would have originally lit the house. What would normally be a 5-minute project is more like a full episode of MacGyver. 

While I can't elaborate on how to hang and rewire a normal light fixture, I can tell you that if your house was built in the 1920's, you will not find any helpful videos on YouTube and you will need an electrician, handyman, or awesome Dad to help you. For me, it was well-worth the hassle. :)