diy windows for dummies

Let me preface by saying I'm not calling anyone dumb. But I know that anything involving windows can be intimidating when it comes to "doing it yourself." Never fear! Window film is here!

A lot of people have asked me about these "stained glass" windows in our upstairs bathroom. I've even had people touch them, shocked to find the totally smooth surface. Unless you are right in front of them, you really can't tell at all that they're not real, especially in those old wooden frames.

These window films can be found lots of places nowadays and they come in all sorts of great patterns and styles. You can make a bold statement like this, or just do a simple frosted pattern for privacy. It only takes a few minutes to apply:

- Measure (or eyeball) the window and cut the paper, adding about 1/4" (don't forget to do that because the paper shrinks up a little bit)
- Using a spray bottle with water and a few drops of liquid detergent, spray the window surface. Detergent helps it adhere a bit better.
- Peel off the backing and place on window. You'll be able to slide it around to position it. 
- Using a credit card or squeegee, smooth the film from the middle outward to the edges.
- Last, just take an x-acto blade and trim the excess to the edge of the window frame.

By the time you would purchase curtains and hardware, window films end up being cheaper and also allow for privacy and light. Perfect for a bathroom! Not only that, but they're only applied with water to stay put, so they could be easily removed if you change your mind.

I won't be removing these anytime soon though. Check out how naked the windows looked without them! Anyone else tried the films? What did you think of them?
The "before" windows