all hail kale

Kale is all the rage lately. If you haven't tried it, don't tell your hip foodie friends...they'll be embarrassed for you. Lucky for me, my sister told me about kale chips a few months ago (tossing kale pieces in olive oil and garlic salt, baking at 400º until crispy). I love trying new things, so I was able to stay ahead of this fantastic food-fad. I was pleased with a bunch of different kale recipes and was very interested in learning about the many health benefits.

If you're apprehensive about trying something new or aren't sure if kale is really all that much better than your current greens...I've got news for you:
Impressive qualities of kale.
Sold on the facts, but still unsure what to do with kale? Try out this recipe for Potato Kale cakes from Great for introducing yourself or your family to kale, this gluten-free recipe is full of nutrition and flavor. It's also a very fast and basic recipe, so even the most pathetic cooks can handle it. (I can say this because I have much experience with being a pitiful cook) Anyway, it's one of my very favorite uses for kale and it really keeps me feeling full (which is a rare occasion for me).
Potato Kale cakes from

So at least in our house, as far as food-trends go, I think kale might just be a keeper.