2 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly

Welcome to week 2 of 10 Keys to Live Wholeheartedly. Let's think about how to GIVE.


Last week, we explored the idea of giving. Today, we consider the concept of FORgiving. Forgiveness is a type of gift for both the giver and the receiver, whether it's ever consciously felt or not. 

We all have someone to forgive. It could be yourself, a spouse, a friend or family member, God or even a stranger. The subconscious mind often holds many grudges or unnoticed feelings of resentment or frustration.

Unforgiveness will eat you alive from the inside out. There is no exception.

When something truly terrible happens, we think we're exempt from the burden of offering forgiveness. Especially when we feel victimized, those around us will even justify our feelings of anger, hatred or negativity. Of course you don't have to forgive, but by withholding the positive force of forgiveness, you will continue to hurt as you put energy and thoughts toward negativity. Yoga asks us to 'avoid future suffering,' continually notice, question and challenge our thought patterns (samskaras). The toughest habits, the ones we cling to and feel most justified in resisting are absolutely the most important ones to study.

So starting today and throughout your week, think about who needs your forgiveness. It can be helpful to make a list and it's okay if it's long! It might include yourself, those around you, strangers, God and more. Work through one at a time, and considering seeking help or guidance from a neutral source for the process.

True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for giving me that experience.’
— Oprah Winfrey

Free yourself from the claws of fear, negativity and grudges. There is power in forgiveness and the love it takes to get to that point. Forgive someone for challenging you, not giving you what you need or intentionally harming you. Forgive for shortcomings, miscommunications, tempers, mistakes, gossip and hurtful words. And don't stop there...forgive whoever you need to for death, loss, pain and suffering. It is worth it to allow your heart space to heal and expand.

Check in, share your thoughts and challenges and drop back in next week for the third installment.