Rosslyn is a yoga instructor, graphic designer and mentor in the Laurel Highlands

Hi, I’m Rosslyn!

I am a yoga instructor, graphic designer, nature-lover and mentor to fellow entrepreneurs. My journey began when I found myself at the end of my rope, losing passion for my graphic design job. I turned to yoga as an escape and uncovered invaluable physical benefits, relief from chronic running injury, profound emotional support and useful ways to incorporate mindfulness into my busy life.

Once I began to understand my body as a metaphor, I realized why I was always feeling so sore, burnt-out and irritable: I needed a big change.

Fast-forward to now, yoga provided me with the self-awareness I needed to overcome my fears and step out in faith. I left my soul-sucking job to support others with curious, entrepreneurial spirits who are feeling stuck and are ready for something different. I specialize in creative private sessions (online or in-person), combining yoga movement, philosophy, energy healing and life coaching techniques to help you face your fears and improve your relationship with yourself. And that’s exactly where the magic happens.

I continually find and share inspiration from other like-minded friends, students, and mentors who are boldly pursuing their creative dreams. Please check out what I have to offer or feel free to shoot me an email! Together, we can create big changes and explore ways for you to live wholeheartedly.


I cannot recommend Rosslyn enough. Before I started private lessons I felt so lost, depressed and as if I was at a dead-end. Rosslyn helped me to get in touch with my soul in a way I have never experienced. I’m so thankful I found her, she changed my life!
— T. Wilson
I started taking private lessons a year ago and it changed my life. With Rosslyn’s help , I really started discovering what my mind and body needed to be at peace with myself and love my body. She helps and encouraged me each lesson. She pushed me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. I lost 40 pounds this year with her help and encouragement. I feel like a totally new person.
— Sarah L.
Rosslyn’s knowledge of yoga and passion for her own practice is reflected in the quality of instruction that she provides students. Her calm voice and demeanor, along with clear instruction makes practicing yoga at Wholehearter something that I look forward to weekly and/monthly. If you an unsure about yoga and are curious to learn more, I highly recommend Rosslyn’s classes.
— Rachael M.